Decemberfesters Dear Sir or Madam:   Hello,   this   is   G.O.D.   talking   to   you.   G.O.D.?   Yea,   G.O.D.   Not   the   One   most   people   think   of   when   they   hear   the   name.   I   am   the   General   of   Decemberfest,   G.O.D.   I   want   to   talk   to   you   all   about   the   current state   of   affairs   relating   to   this   annual   party   that   happens   every   year   about   this   time.   It   is   a   Party   that   is   known   as   Decemberfest.   This   year   will   be   the   forty-twoth   time   that   friends   have   been   coming together to celebrate life. It may be the last time. What   you   talking   about?   The   party   started   years   ago   as   a   fun   way   to   get   a   bunch   of   friends   together   and   party   for   a   few   days,   it   evolved   into   an   annual   party   to   get   together   and   share   life’s   ups   and   downs with   friends   and   family.   As   the   time   went   by   the   party   grew   from   a   small   gathering   into   a   large   gathering.   Friends   told   friends   about   it,   the   friends   told   more   friends   and   it   just   got   to   be   a   major   event   in some people’s lives. Well as the party grew, it took more people to make it happen. It takes A lot  of work to put together a party that provides so much to so many. And that is part of the problem. There   are   people   that   jump   in   and   do   what   ever   is   requested   or   required   to   help.   There   are   people   that   want   to   help,   but   don’t   for   whatever   reason.   Then   there   are   people   that   just   want   to   show   up   and have   fun.   Everybody   has   their   own   reasons   for   what   they   do   or   don’t   do   when   it   comes   to   helping.   “If   you   are   not   part   of   the   solution,   you   are   part   of   the   problem.”   Problem?   What   problem?   The problem is there is a serious lack of help to make this thing happen. The   pay   is   lousy,   but   the   rewards   are   great.   Decemberfest   is   what   YOU   make   it.   It   is   what   it   is   and   you   make   it   what   it   is.   Wow,   that   was   profound.   Actually   it   sums   it   up.   As   the   song   says,   “Their   ain’t   no party like Decemberfest.” I   hope   everyone   that   reads   this   gets   it.   You   are   Decemberfest.   You   are   the   reason   for   the   party.   Jump   in,   join   the   fun.   You   will   get   a   warm   fuzzy   feeling   when   you   stroll   around   the   campsite   when   you   hear those infamous words dedicated to you, General Drink ! G.O.D.