CONTRIBUTIONS / DONATIONS We will be continuing the long forgotten practice again this year at the Fest by requesting an additional $15 per person donation to the “General Fund.” This is a one-time deal ... NOT a “per night” fee and we accept checks or cash. These “donations” are necessary to help cover the cost of the Fest.  Those that are listed on the invitation as “Friends of Fest” are exempt from this request since they have already made a donation of $50 (or more). Think about it ... $15 for a weekend that includes 3 meals, entertainment, and all the beer you can drink, really isn’t a lot to ask (?) ... AND, please know tht this $15 minimum is just that, a minimum, and ANY additional donations (as have so generously been received in the past) would make the Fest fund THAT MUCH more able to conver all our costs up front each year!! For more information about the Fest Fund, please read A General(s) Guide. For contributions, please send checks to:  Julie Sander, 400 Capital Circle, SE, Suite 18-111, Tallahassee, Florida 32301 We hae a Paypal account and can take your cyber-money (!).  Click on              icon to email your inquiry to us and we will respond individually on how to proceed on Paypal.